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This amazing Flip Tissue Pad is designed to be double-sided and reversible, for suturing practice to the subcutaneous fat layer on both sides. With gentle tension and a small tapered needle, the practitioner should be able to remove the suture and re-suture at least 8-10 times per incision. When you have exhausted one side, simply flip it over to incise and suture the same epidermal, dermal and fat layers. The smaller pads may not allow for incisions to “gape” like larger pads.

Includes epidermis, dermis, fat, second dermis and second epidermis layers.

Below are the approximate measurements for each of the sizes:

  • Mini: 4’’x 3’ ’x 1/2”
  • Standard: 6’’x 4’’x 1/2”’
  • Medium: 8’’x 6’’x 1/2”
  • Large: 10’’x 8’’x 1/2”


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