"We want to provide an affordable option for medical practitioners to learn the muscle memory skills…before they see their first patients."

Educators, you are the heart of our business and we value your contribution to educating our next generation of medical professionals. We understand educational budget restraints, so we are offering you a 5% discount on all orders of $500 or greater. Enter edu5.500 to apply your discount at checkout.

What teachers and students say about current practice models:


Most current models are made of foam or hard plastic, which lack the true “feel” and reaction of the body.

Cost Prohibitive:

Some current models are extremely expensive, so programs cannot afford to purchase new practice models.

Impractical and Hazardous:

Many workshops are held in conference rooms that often do not allow pig’s feet and chicken breasts due to the contamination risks. There are many articles on the toxic effects of formaldehyde used with cadavers.

Our Solution

Simulation-based education can exponentially enhance learning, address different learning styles and help reduce errors in real-life scenarios. Many institutions are transitioning to simulated training with valuable results, producing a significant impact on heath care education across the disciplines. Students are able to master skills in a risk-free environment, so that when they enter a clinical situation they can focus on the patient and advanced skills, instead of basic skills.

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