Affordable & Reusable Anatomy Solutions

For interactive and memorable learning.

6 Layer Simulated Tissue Pads, Flip Suture Pads, Derm Pads

Wound Closure Kits

Master the psychomotor muscle memory skills of multi-layer closure without the pressure of the OR!

Basic through Advanced, including pathologies.

See It

Our simulated anatomy looks like the real thing. Just wait till you see the simulated blood.

Feel It

Go ahead, touch our simulated skin, it feels just like your skin.

Cut It

Tissue layers have different properties to simulate real tissues, it’s just like cutting the real thing!

Suture It

Practice a variety of suturing and tying techniques, from basic to advanced plastic’s techniques.


One purchase provides repeat use. Gently remove the suture to practice again.
“This is about as good as it can get!”
a General Surgeon

Simulated Multi-Layer Tissues

Practice multi-layer closure techniques on our abdominal tissue simulator. It includes the epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous fat, fascia, muscle and peritoneum. It even includes a vein for deep tying practice.

The incision closure is a representation of the entire procedure. The surgeons may do a great job on the under layers, but if the incision is not properly closed and sutures approximated, the patient feels that the whole procedure was less than optimal.

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